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5 Reasons Why Farming Is Very Important Today

5 reasons why farming is very important today

I would never have dreamt of   achieving my mission   if my parents were not involved in farming. In our family, we would prepare the land for the growing of food and cash crops using basic farm implements like hoe and bush machete. The produce from the food crops was mainly   for our home consumption and the surplus if any was sold in the local market to generate some income.  

The cash crops like coffee and cotton were grown for generating income to meet the basic necessities of the family. The basic necessities of the family included clothing, school fees, medical, salt, soap and sugar among other things. Our family also kept a few cows and goats as a way of saving cash to meet unplanned future expenditure and not for home consumption. However on big occasions like Easter and Christmas, the head of the family would order the killing of one of the goats or cows for home consumption.

We all grew up on the farm healthy because we were   consuming fresh and good food from the farm.   I was able to receive good education because of the income our family earned from farming. Farming was therefore important at the time I was growing up and it is still important today for the following 5 reasons;

  • Food
  • Improves health of people
  • Raw materials
  • Creation of jobs
  • Income earner

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